Kenya Slums Talent (Kibera)

In 2016, the Foundation launched its Kenya Slums Talent Project in Kibera to support budding young talent in the community. Through this support, the Foundation encouraged and trained children in the areas of singing, acting, art and sports, and prepared them to participate in a variety of shows and performances for their peers.

 Unable to previously hone their talent due to their underprivileged backgrounds, Kibera youth were provided with the necessary tools to grow as individuals and come to know their vast capabilities. Most importantly, and as a condition of the project, the Foundation aided students in returning to school and focusing on their studies.

A great success, the Kenya Slums Talent Project inspired Dr Ahmed Samerai, via Sahara Productions, to produce documentary entitled “Two Directions” – a film that portrays daily life in one of Africa’s largest slums, and delivers the message that with the right help and motivation, there can indeed be light at the end of the tunnel.