Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

The Samerai Foundation Rings in the New Year by Donating Gifts to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children 


Dr Ahmed Samerai , has presented the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) with a selection of presents and educational toys to mark the holiday season.

Working to address domestic violence, human trafficking and child abuse in the UAE, the DFWAC offers support, protection and a safe haven for victims, not only helping those who live at their housing unit in Al Aweer, but also creating awareness among the wider community about the impact of abuse on women and children and how to prevent it.

Dr Ahmed Samerai, Founder of the Samerai Foundation, personally handed over the gifts to Her Excellency, Afra Al Basti, Director General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children: “The stories are heartbreaking, but through their exceptional work, Her Excellency and her committed team lessen the burden on those who are suffering most by giving them practical support, help and guidance,” he said.

The DFWAC are guided by the vision of creating a society free of violence and offer services that are in complete accordance with international human rights obligations.

Dr Samerai added: “We are delighted to be able to contribute to this Foundation and the excellent work they do. We are all human; we are not perfect and we continue learning. We endeavour to share what little experience we have with others. We don’t stop giving these little things, because what we have learnt is that those little things can often have a far greater impact on a person’s life than you can imagine.”