Friends of Cancer Patients Society

The Samerai Foundation was heavily involved between 2004 – 2014 with UAE-based charity Friends of Cancer Patients Society (FOCP), which offers support and advice to local cancer victims and their families. FCOP is an invaluable volunteer-based foundation operating as a specialised entity under the umbrella of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah. Since its founding, FOCP has been able to provide financial and emotional support to over 500 patients across the UAE. The charity provides guidance in the form of practical, financial, moral, educational and medical support for cancer patients and loved ones affected by cancer.

The charity strongly believes in programmes that encourage and promote early detection in order to improve cancer outcome and survival.

Over the last decade FOCP has developed relationships across government, private sectors and NGOs, providing a platform of positive collaboration and exchange of knowledge, information, resources and professional skills. In April 2011, the Samerai Foundation sponsored the ‘Pink Caravan – Riding for Courage’ campaign. The 330km horseback ride, to raise awareness about breast cancer, also saw 20 areas across the UAE being visited, with more than 10 mobile medical clinics set up for screenings and examinations. More than 1,000 women were educated about the dangers of the illness and the importance of early detection by this campaign. In total , the Samerai Foundation has sponsored various services for FOCP, accumulating to a total worth of services to the amount of around US$400,000